Anastasia Avgerinou

She is a graduate of the Law School  and obtain Masters in Banking. She speaks and writes in Greek, English and German language.

She  has been working for the Greek financial system for more than thirty years, in the field of creating financial products addressed to SME’s, while her  total work experience exceeds a time span of  thirty-five  years.

During her professional career she gained considerable experience in financing Greek SMEs, which served constructively in implementing state aid programs targeted to facilitate access of SMEs to financing (loans, guarantees, leasing, etc.). Most of these programs make use of European Structural Funds, resulting in finance or guarantee up to 60.000 SME’s. She participated in the founding team of   the Guarantee Fund and the Financial Engineering Instruments  in Greece.

She also gained considerable experience in compliance and risk management (credit risk, operational risk) issues, as  Bank Auditor and as ETEAN’s General Manager and Director of the Guarantees and Risk Department . ETEAN SA is a financial institution under Central Bank’s of Greece supervision.


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